Sunday, 6 September 2009

I'm Back!

I have been really busy trying to upgrade the website! I Promise it will be much nicer and more professional by the end of September before my maternity finishes! But it would be a lot easier and faster if I could just get someone to do it for me but I'm being tight i am trying to save my money to spend on beads and supplies! I have been trying to link paypal to the site so people can buy things But it is soooooo time consuming! and I'm only half way through cus by the time i have done a few the paypal expires and i have to log back in then it happens again then Baby Jessica needs her dinner .... you can see why!
On the Plus side Chloe is back to Pre-School Tomorrow (Whoop Whoop) so i can crack on with some serious making and web designing as well as house work, Early Start in the morning I think, then its making time! I have had a few ideas this weekend for some jewellery and a tiara and I wanna get them out and made before I loose them!
Wish me Luck I'll put the pics on if i get them finished!


Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I'm Finally on here!

Well here I am typing my very 1st "Blog" for Morgan-Jones tiaras, I seem to have spent all my time this last few days altering my Site, my facebook page Morgan-Jonestiaras, and Blogging and very little of my time cleaning at home, making and designing as I should!! Oh well here is a little about me,
My Name is Carly i am 23 and i make Jewellery, Tiaras and have also tried my hand at card making and bag making! but i seem to have stuck with the Jewellery and Tiaras.
I worked in a little bead shop called "Beads-in-abundance" in Cappuchin Yard, Hereford, from the age of 12 and started off just helping a friend out who was on holiday then i seemed to become part of the furniture and worked there for 11years! i have made a great friend out of this hobby job and learnt an awful lot from her, Jill who owned the shop and subsequently taught me almost all i know (i taught myself the tiara making and started teaching the other girls! there was a pattern forming here but i was glad to teach others as Jill had taught me)
Jill retired at Christmas (2009) because myself and the other girl who worked in the shop were both having babies at the end of Jan/ beginning of Feb and Jill was ready to jump into retirement, not because of the Recession!!! We were very busy in the shop!(we often got people and customers in the shop saying when we were closing "oh because of the recession?" we got tired of answering in the end but "No") I think because of the hard times with money people were turning to crafting to save money for gifts etc.
I have since lost one hell of a place to get beads and supplies even if i did only work every other saturday towards the end doing the repairs!! Anyway life goes on, I have now found the joys of buying from Hong Kong, Ebay and discovered lots of other unique crafters on the Internet, who sell great "different" beads for me to use in both my Tiaras and my Jewellery making.
Well that is a bit about me! i'm off to make some more neaklaces as i will be hopefully having a Jewellery Party in a few weeks at my own home and i have just this morning recieved some new beads! Be back soon! But Horay im finally on here!!!
Carly x