Sunday, 6 September 2009

I'm Back!

I have been really busy trying to upgrade the website! I Promise it will be much nicer and more professional by the end of September before my maternity finishes! But it would be a lot easier and faster if I could just get someone to do it for me but I'm being tight i am trying to save my money to spend on beads and supplies! I have been trying to link paypal to the site so people can buy things But it is soooooo time consuming! and I'm only half way through cus by the time i have done a few the paypal expires and i have to log back in then it happens again then Baby Jessica needs her dinner .... you can see why!
On the Plus side Chloe is back to Pre-School Tomorrow (Whoop Whoop) so i can crack on with some serious making and web designing as well as house work, Early Start in the morning I think, then its making time! I have had a few ideas this weekend for some jewellery and a tiara and I wanna get them out and made before I loose them!
Wish me Luck I'll put the pics on if i get them finished!


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